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our  2018 FALL community grants session is Now CLOSED.


Deadline for submission of Letter of Intent: a letter of intent is not required as of September 15th, 2018

Deadline for submission of 2018 Grant Application: 5 p.m. September 28, 2018

An application guide will help as you prepare your application.

Note: Only completed grant documents sent by fax 506-529-4898 or mail to P.O. Box 3902, St. Andrews, N.B. E5B 3S7 will be eligible for review.

Fundy Community Foundation holds an annual community grantmaking program to support the excellent work of eligible charitable organizations that serve the communities of southwestern New Brunswick. Calls for proposals are published in St. Croix Courier, the Telegraph Journal, community television CHCO-TV, and on CBC Radio, WQDY radio, and CHSJ radio.

Registered Canadian charitable organizations and other qualified applicants, as described in the Income Tax Act (Canada), may apply for Community Grants for projects that improve the quality of life for the people of southwestern New Brunswick. On occasion, not-for-profit organisations without charitable status may be sponsored by a registered charity through a signed Partnership Agreement with a Registered Charity. The first step in the grant process is the submission of a one-page letter of intent containing a brief description of the organization making the application, an outline of the proposed project and budget, the charitable status of the applicant organization and the contact name, address and telephone number of the applicant. Projects within FCF guidelines will receive a 2018 Community Grant application package.


Funding Priorities

Fundy Community Foundation favours applications that:

  • involve a collaborate approach to meeting the needs of the community;

  • address the root causes of problems in the community rather than symptoms; and

  • make efficient use of community resource.

Funding Considerations

Fundy Community Foundation may, in determining which applications receive funding, give particular consideration to the following criteria:

  • seriousness of the need;

  • degree of potential benefit to the community served;

  • level of cooperation and coordination with other programs in the same field;

  • reasonable assurance that the amount the Foundation can grant is sufficient to encourage the results sought; and

  • the level of volunteer participation and citizen involvement in the program

Note: While FCF tends not to give grants to large budget capital projects, it will consider applications for seed money to raise funds for large budget capital projects.

Funding Exclusions

Fundy Community Foundation Community Grants are not provided for:  

  • partisan, religious or political purposes;

  • retiring debt;

  • covering deficits;

  • individuals;

  • annual campaigns;

  • retroactive expenses against a project;

  • endowment funds;

  • fundraising activities of an applicant organization;

  • core operating costs (administrative and/or equipment); or

  • ongoing advertising/marketing of the organization (vs advertising/marketing of the project)