The Community Fund

The Community Fund is comprised of donations from individuals, corporations and  foundations. A donation of any amount to this fund gives the Foundation the greatest flexibility.The earnings on this fund enable our Board of Directors to respond to current community needs by making grants in support of the good work of many non-profit organizations that serve the people of southwestern New Brunswick.

Field of Interest Funds

Field of Interest Funds work much like our Community Fund, except that donors identify a particular area of interest that they would like to direct their support. Some examples include the arts, heritage, environment,health, seniors, children and youth, recreation, relief of poverty, or education. With these funds, you define the area of interest but empower the Foundation’s Grantmaking Committee to select worthwhile projects to support. 

Donor-Advised Fund

A Donor-Advised Fund enables you to have ongoing participation in the selection of charities that will benefit from your gift. Donors may choose this type of fund instead of creating a family trust of private foundation.


A Designated Fund gives you the opportunity to specify, at the time the fund is established, which particular charities you would like to support in perpetuity. If unexpectedly, an organization ceases to exist, we can redirect your funds to a similar cause. 

Operating Endowment Fund

A donation to our Operating Endowment Fund helps to cover the costs of running the Fundy Community Foundation thereby enabling the foundation to give more of the income earned on its other funds directly to the community.This fund is critical to the ongoing success of our organization.

Charitable Organization or Agency Endowment

Charitable Organization or Agency Endowment Funds can be created and administered by the Foundation on behalf of other registered charities. This allows the recipient charity the freedom from investment responsibility and gives donors the confidence of knowing that a permanent foundation is in place to professionally administer the charity’s endowment. Once established, the charity can encourage their donors to contribute to their endowment fund.

Scholarship Fund

A Scholarship Fund enables donors to provide ongoing financial assistance to students furthering their education. The donor can stipulate such things as preferred field of study or state that preference be given to graduates of a certain school. Whatever the donor preference, a scholarship fund can be established.