Professional Advisors

Be the Catalyst for Change

As a trusted advisor you strive to ensure your clients' best interests are taken care of. Chances are, your clients care a great deal about the community they live in and as a trusted professional you can advise them on the best way they can contribute to the causes that matter the most to them. 

Helping Your Clients Realize Their Charitable Dreams

Something that amazes and inspires people is the fact that they don't need to be extraordinarily wealthy to be able to make a meaningful and lasting impact on the community. Most of Fundy Community Foundation's donors come from modest backgrounds - but with huge hearts, and solid advice, they have been able to make significant contributions to better the quality of life of the people of Southwestern New Brunswick.  With our in-depth knowledge of the issues facing our community and a wide variety of customized giving options, and with your professional guidance and advice, together we are in a position to advise your clients on community giving strategies that fit their needs. By helping your client leave a charitable legacy with Fundy Community Foundation, you establish a multi-generational relationship that will engage family members for years to come. 

We invite you to explore our Frequently Asked Questions document regarding donating to Fundy Community Foundation.

We also invite you to see the Fundy Community Foundation policies on investment, spending, administration fees and disbursements. See Our Policies.